Digital Rights

At Afrotribune, we work to promote human rights in the internet era such as freedom of expression, data protection and privacy, freedom of association, the right to education and capacity building. We also monitor legal and policy frameworks to ensure that the same rights that people enjoy offline are also protected online, in particular freedom of expression in Africa.

Policy Advocacy

Through advocacy, stakeholder engagement, research and capacity building programs, we support policy and law-making processes and framework with regards to the internet in Africa. In Togo for example, Afrotribune has drafted the country’s internet freedom bill which aimed at aimed at protecting the rights of citizens online with principles to ensure network use respects universal human rights in the country.

Internet Governance

Afrotribune supports multi-stakeholder Internet governance processes around in Africa by providing technical support to the Africa Internet governance (AfIGF), as well as a number of National and Regional Initiatives (NRIs), and Schools of Internet Governance (SIGs). We develop joint projects and provide research and capacity building for a wide range of stakeholders: Governments, CSOs, private companies, academic institutions and individuals.