Seyram Adiakpo

Director of Programs

Seyram Adiakpo is Afrotribune director of programs, working at the intersection of law and technology.

He is public law graduate at the University of Lomé and holds a master’s degree in public law from the Faculty of Law at the University of Lomé in Togo.

His research and writing focus on digital rights & open internet and accountability for serious digital rights abuses in Togo and Sub-Saharan Africa. He has collaborated with major international NGOs as well as those at the grassroots, and academic institutions around the continent.

Discovering, understanding and explaining future trends of technology and law and what they mean for users, are the key focus areas of Seyram at Afrotribune.

In addition, he has contributed to many reports, articles and blog posts, providing expertise on digital rights and how they impact users. He is the author and publisher of, a blog aimed at promoting open and safer internet.